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The Richmond Cup


We’re updating the grassroots pictures in our advertising portfolio and, as part of the project, I spent a recent Sunday at the launch of The Richmond Cup in south west London.

My priority was to get strong match action but I also kept an eye on what was happening off the pitch. The light was good and the football was competitive and entertaining.


The People’s Pool


Back in June I was asked to photograph a site visit to east London’s Haggerston Baths. An architect friend wanted pictures for a proposal to Hackney Council on the future of the building.

The baths were closed by the local authority in 2000, after almost a century of public service and it has now invited ‘expressions of interest’ to develop the site. My friend’s group is proposing a community-based alternative to the predictable commercial schemes.

We spent an hour on a guided tour of the place and I used the time to take these pictures. Years of neglect have left obvious damage which some visitors have sadly made worse.

How does such a historic public resource become redundant and fall into such a miserable state? What would the people who designed, built and enjoyed Haggerston Baths think?

Hackney Gazette – Haggerston Baths on the Market
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At the opening ceremony in 1904, the Vice Chair of the Baths Committee, Alderman E J Wakeling, swam the length of the bath under water.

West End Wheels

I was asked to look at shooting stills on the set of a television commercial with cars. On advertising jobs I’m usually in control of the production, but this would be different with me in the background with no influence and only limited opportunities. The director and crew would be running things and I’d need to get what I could and stay out of their way. A bit like working round a football pitch or in the dressing room.

The creative team had a particular director in mind with a certain way of lighting things. My job would be to get dynamic driving pictures so I wanted to rehearse shooting under similar conditions to demonstrate the potential and identify any problems.

I decided that night-time at Piccadilly Circus, in London’s West End, would be a good place to start. There’d be lots of expensive cars and the huge illuminated advertising screens would – to some degree – simulate the lighting on set. I’d have no control over the traffic and there’s be lots of things in the way like street furniture and people. These are some of the results: