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Kissing for Money

I’m doing the artwork for a set of prints for a portfolio presentation on Tuesday. This means searching the archive for pictures that might fit the brief, or at least demonstrate we’re capable of taking ones that do.

I found this, which was shot in Leeds for a Vauxhall ad with the headline ‘If anything gets overheated, it won’t be the car’. It’s one of my favourite advertising pictures from what was a really productive and exciting time for us in early 2002. I think it captures a really believable moment and has a good feel about it. Casting the real-life kissing couple spotted by Keely one Saturday night at The Hi-Fi Club is what really made it work. I wonder if they’re still together?

As for the photograph itself, I was lucky with the pink and blue washes framing the couple and the sparkling lights from the shops as I have no recollection of seeing them when I took it.

Thinking about it, there might have been two photographers on the shoot so this might not even be my picture. Still, I’m glad somebody got it.



King of The Lane

I photographed Ledley King’s testimonial at White Hart Lane on Monday night and had some really good access to the players. Ledley was club captain when we published our two behind-the-scenes books with Spurs and I know him from my time with the England team. It was a great night, a pleasure to photograph and just up the road on the bus.

The club has posted a gallery of the best pictures and it’s been interesting to read some of the comments about them from fans:

Ledley King Testimonial

This is my personal favourite – Ledley and his son Coby walking out onto the pitch before kick-off.