Monthly Archives: November 2013

New Toy

For the last month, we’ve been flat-out on a production for one of next year’s World Cup sponsors. Five photographers took 24,000 pictures on the shoot day and, now I’ve finished the edit, there’s 10% of them left.

For some reason, it’s always 10%.

This means I haven’t taken many pictures, apart from the new ones I can’t publish till they run next year. I did buy a new toy though – the only digital compact camera I could find with the aperture and shutter speed in the viewfinder. I’ve been learning it by snapping random subjects while travelling around London and up to Leeds. I wanted to test the autofocus in particular and how it worked in low light.

I like the man who scaled the wall in moments to climb through the window but the bird flying across the lens just as the shutter opened for 1/1,500th of a second was a real surprise.