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Rio, 10:19am

Searching through the football archive recently, I found this picture of Rio Ferdinand at the 2002 World Cup in Japan. It’s one of the very first taken as part of a six-year behind the scenes project with the England players and staff. The location is the massage room of the team hotel the morning of the quarter-final against Brazil in Shizuoka on 21 June.

Even though I went on to shoot another 100,000 frames until Fabio Capello arrived and things changed, it’s still one of my favourites.

2002 World Cup


We published two successful books with Spurs which relied heavily on good access to the players and staff. For a couple of seasons Martin Jol and his team made me feel really welcome.

The mood around White Hart Lane was good in April 2007 and the club wanted to make a behind the scenes video of the home derby against Arsenal. The manager didn’t like the idea of a film crew in the dressing room so he suggested I do it, having been around the team for eighteen months.

I wanted to keep the same feel as the photographs in the books so worked as normal but using the smallest HD video cameras I could find.

Music by Steven Beever

Daily Telegraph: Taking a snapshot of life inside Spurs

Spurs in Korea


Moving traffic is a useful subject for testing a lens or practicing focus and playing with shutter speeds.

In February I shot a campaign for a football club. The brief was to get close-ups of fans and players over two games. The crowd pictures needed a 600mm lens with a 2x extender which is less than ideal for fast-moving action in low light.

I decided to practice at a couple of evening rush hours. The autofocus worked well and the image quality at high ASA (12800!) was surprisingly good, especially comparing it to 800ASA film pushed two stops at a night game in the olden days.

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Holy Mountain

Last July, I caught the end of a radio session by this band which really made an impression. The DJ said they were playing in Camden the following night so I emailed their management asking for a photo pass. No reply.

I turned up at the venue anyway and met the band as they arrived to soundcheck. They were friendly and quite happy for me to hang around with my cameras.

It was a really powerful set and the drummer was spectacular. Afterwards, I mailed 82 pictures to the band and management. I heard nothing back.

Every so often it’s good to be reminded that not everyone cares as much about pictures.

Great band though.









Holy Mountain

On the Buses

A couple of weeks ago I entered a set of pictures in a street photography competition with the theme of ‘Hometown’. For the last year this has been London and more specifically Stoke Newington. Looking through what I’d taken while wandering the streets and learning the area, it struck me how many of them were shot on buses, usually travelling up and down the Kingsland Road. Previously, I lived in Soho for six years and hardly ever got on one. Now it’s the tube that’s the exception.

Buses are full of life and are a constantly changing frame for what’s happening outside. Even though most of the work I do is either an advertising set-up or football match, street photography keeps me sharp technically and always looking for a picture.

Here’s some of my favourites.

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